Still working...

~ Self to self ~ 7/15/23

remember you’re doing

much deeper work than

the surface waters of any

of humanity’s addictions

and dysfunctional habits

developed throughout

your time on earth…

your purpose,

as you’re but willingness enough,

is to generate the experience of love

into existence,

this moment become you,

beyond generations and lifetimes

of hurts and pains,

dramas or deaths…

you’re opening curtains to

doorways of perception,

yours and your generation’s

and the way you hold possibility,

possibilities are ever more likely

to organize into living sacred geometry

withinasthru magnetic platonic shifts

you’re moving into synchronized coherent rhythm,

your heart beating gratitude complete,

this moment, as is.


your siblings and parents,

cousins and children,

grandparents and grand children

three generations up and down

this particular space~time continuum…

it’s patient work.

it requires knowingness.

the work also requests of you

ever expanded experiences of surrender,

on a moment by moment basis.

breathe. smile. know.

it requests of you the experience

of being loving beyond

the inflection points,

this moment’s becoming,

even as you hold accountable,

accountability itself,

to an ever greater purpose,

what it means to be human…

as you clear vessel

to allow for the deconstruction

and reconstruction of

space~time into time~space,

you’ll come to see this moment

withinasthru this poem become us,

as another beginning,

having opened more dimensional possibilities

than can currently be imagined

into your idea of heaven or earth…

limit no possibilities.

embrace silence.

choose love.



surrender to an unknown,

grateful in advance,

whatever comes…

well come.

and you’ll continue to be

and become limitless…

ashé 🙏🏽