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I’m dancing barefoot

I’m dancing barefoot

heading back for the train to nowhere

that place that lives swimmingly

into the ethers of blue colored

imagination and 50 shades of nothingness

feeling confident in my growing abilities

to let go completely of all I think I know

painting upon invisible canvasses

even as sunlight fades upon my soul…

Unknown what it is exactly each foot lands

upon during this ritualized red rain dance

back to some unknown truth once known

will be but forgotten again

over and over the dance flows through me

igniting poet’s tongue with fire ablaze

spewing heart truths into laughable silliness

fields burning yesterday’s pain

in wild-like ways of surrender…

It’s that searing song from a distant star

hauntingly calling me back to a home

I’ve never actually lived within the warmth of

a throw rug at a back door that’s never been

opened to a forest that’s never been walked

flowers growing in varieties of colors

never beheld by human eyes prior

to poem inscriptions on the tree without identity

with sacred ancient names

in a language never existent

before this return home…

Turning to look in all directions still under the sun

a moonlit walk backward through time

to arrive back once again to this unsung smile

of a moment ever moving…

Every fear born from this unknown becoming

comes along with a riderless golden horse

eyes flaming moonless night in full gallop

hooveless marks upon an effervescent sand scripted shore…

Cannot pretend I know this unknown place

or remember the words of this unsung song

but there’s a place deeper inside the jungles

of my deepest heart truths revealing

a path for the first time I may wish to walk

with angel dew stardust comes open armed

embracing full possibilities

expanding heart truths

with a love as unique as every poem ever written

into the eternally woven tapestry of life…