Still working...

i don’t know where to start

i don’t know where to start,

not even sure there’s a beginning

to this poem much less

an end…

but there is this moment.

a lunar eclipse blood moon

mid-term election kind of moment…

where and whoa and

aaaaahhhhhhh… ooooohhhmmmmmm.

you feeling it too?

it’s an intense kind of day

and everything in the in between

of what was and can still yet be


i don’t know.

never have known,

not really.

never honestly pretended

otherwise, even within the bends

of inspirations like this poem, because

on the other side of this poem

or any other,

is a simple, humble man,

simply doing his best

on an incredibly intense day…

in some moments, damn.

more than capable,

what’s requested

or inspired,

become me.

on others, damn.

what’s up with that? with me? had hoped I could be more somehow, as in…

is there another choice,

another way of being human?

there’s gotta be another way..,

and yet this poem

integrates the both and

the everything in between

into something ever more

then a simple poem.

because what choice really

is there for those of us

unwilling and really unable

to give anything other than

everything we’ve got…

i mean really…

really bringers of light,

possibilities of hope,

especially on a midterm edition

of election meyhem

under the influence of

a waning magician of a moon

that moment ago

who entirely disappeared

only to become the opening

surrender to the hope of this day…

and what is hope worth,


really much more than we know,

when we choose to really know.

and this is the pause for consideration

in simple poems such as this…

what do we really know?

more, what is even knowable

in versions of ourselves

so much less than we know

is so…?


reach. not really reach,

hope, not really hope,

know, not really know


yes, choose.

perhaps all this crazy

can be boiled down

into simple truths

we can all digest

and somehow use…

this moment from now,

this moment now,

we choose to choose…


because if i were to bring your attention

to the ever oscillating options

from this field of infinite possibility

it could make us both a bit less sure

and unwilling to but choose…

truth is, if there is such a thing

as one universal truth

we can all bend and adhere to,

is that is that is, is…

it has never been more,

nor less than this eternal is.

simply chose,

a variable beyond quantum calculations

algorithms within algorithms of change.

this is the crazy variable it means to be…

to be you, to be me, to be us.

to be.

to be or not to be,

this continues to be the question,

within the focus of choice…


yes, you.


we’re still on a brink

beyond our current perceptions

what it means to be safe,

to be a nation,

to be a united state.

united states

has always been

more or less


think about it.

if you’re in a state of grace

is that somehow united

with a state of anger

or jealously or hate?

of course not.

yet, this is the metaphor

for our country,

a dichotomy within

a dichotomy.

an illusion within

an illusion.

but lingering alive

is choice, preference.

what do you choose.

choose it full of feeling,

choose it full with gratitude,

choose it full in love,

choose it full as power,

choose it full thru grace.

this is what it takes to choose,

consciously and actively

in an array of states,

creating possibilities,

within a field of infinite



will you choose to be this.

will i.

will enough of us,

willingness enough

to unite, energy, information, intelligence,

states into choice, choice into preference,

is what is, exactly as this smile has chosen.


still undetermined as of this poem,

this poem so much less than is possible…